After nearly two decades devoted to the retail sale of photographic products, in mid-2000, LFM (Laboratórios Fotográficos do Marco) initiates its activity in the production of digital albums, based in a 190m2 room. A year later LFM was awarded the 2001 Foto Oscar for Best Digital Picture Laboratory.

In order to achieve more ambitious goals in terms of growth to broader markets, LFM moves to new facilities, with 1600m2, thus increasing its production capacity and response. In 2001 the brand Dreambookspro is born as the first brand of digital albums to be presented in Portugal.

The Dreambookspro brand was created with the goal of reinventing the digital album market, always focusing on design and luxury finishes.

Over the years, Dreambookspro has grown at a technological level, enhancing the quality and speed of service, increasingly satisfying their customers. In 2007, it was the first brand in Europe to launch an online application for editing digital albums for amateurs, Dreambooks.

The fame of Dreambookspro® albums has spread internationally and it was not long until it received orders from other European countries like Spain and France as well as Africa, Brazil, Panama...

In 2009, Dreambooks software (for amateurs) receives the certificate of recommended brand by the nº1 magazine in Portugal "O Mundo da Fotografia Digital". In 2010 Dreambooks is considered the number two brand in the category of Best Digital Album Printing Service assigned by "ProTeste" magazine. From the beginning, Dreambookspro maintains the leading position in the Portuguese market in the production of digital albums for professionals and consumers.

One of Dreambookspro´s strengths is the quality and dedication of more than 100 employees. Dreambookspro is committed to prepare all of them, so that there is always harmony in the workplace. All of them are able to learn quickly and have the ability to adapt to technological advances, thereby maintaining a high quality standard in all of our products.