Benjamin Brette

To briefly describe myself: I was 30 years old 14 years ago, I have two teenage children and I like "boom boom boom" type of musics. I have been a wedding photographer since 2010 and approach my work from a documentary point of view. My work reflects the reality behind the magic of marriage, "Real Life Behind Magic".

This job gives me complete freedom, I don't have to follow norms or rules, leaving myself unrestricted, I simply let myself be led by the people I know, the places, or the light. Many people believe that wedding photography has guidelines to follow, but like everything in life where there are guidelines there is also room to break them and do something creative and out side the box. Each wedding is a challenge for me, to have pleasure, to find beauty and fun out of the ordinary, but above all I seek what is true, and i tell that truth through my camera and lens.

With this working filosofy of following my instinct, I have had the opportunity to be rewarded on several occasions by reference institutions like Fearless, ISPWP or WPS. For the last 5 years, I have been at the top of these rankings.

Company Testimony

I chose Dreambookspro as my album's supplier because it's probably the best album maker I know. They have a large product range and a design so modern and clean, I've been looking for something like this for years. I was particularly seduced by the Fineart paper that accumulates all the qualities needed for a good photo. Pleasant to the touch, matt finish, it can preserve very deep blacks and vivid colors, everything as I like. And above all, I love the customer service, they are always available to help and even provide solutions tailored to customer needs.

Product Testimony

Within the Dreambookspro product range I chose to work exclusively with the Contemporary and White collections. I love the sober and timeless designs that mirror the report photography I make. Choosing these 2 finishes allows my clients to choose the album type that always suits them within the standards of elegance that I want to give to my albums.