About Us

The Dreambookpro set up 2001, dedicated to the production and sales of digital albums of events, for professional photographers. Since then we have increased the range of our albums and accessories to meet the most demanding market needs!

Dreambookspro bases its activity on three main pillars: innovation, quality and exclusivity. Focused on building a team of experienced professionals, with the world's most advanced printing technology equipment, unique materials and rigorous quality control.

Choice of materials is of the utmost importance since the quality will have a direct implication on the final result that intends to be harmonious in all its aspects. Therefore, we make a judicious selection of the materials used in the creation of all our products.

Photograph on its own can only perpetuate the temporary nature of moments! We intend to eternize these emotions, so we have created unique, high quality and resistant products!

For family, friends or godparents, you may choose the most appropriate album from a wide variety of compact digital albums. Whichever Dreambookspro album you choose, there is always an option to offer and share the magic of your wedding day with your loved ones.