Shipping Conditions

  • It's the customer obligation to ensure the right reception of the order.
  • DreambooksPro is not responsible for delays in the deliveries.
  • Traffic deadlines are merely indicatives. They are subject to adverse situations, like car accidents or bad weather. It can't be, in any case, cause for compensation or reimburse.
All incidences regarding shipments, due to the receiver's fault, are subject to additional debts, in case of:
  • Absent (with delivery on the next working day)
  • Date / address change
  • Refusal from the customer

In case of Damage:

It's the receiver responsibility to ensure that the order arrives as ordered.

It's essential to follow the rules:

  • Check the package before signing.
  • In case of an anomaly, describe it in the reception guide or simply refuse the package.
  • Send a complaint to DreambooksPro within 24 hours, with all the information of the order and photographic proof of the damage.

After evaluating and confirming the damage, DreambooksPro will initiate all the processes necessary for its repair.

If one or more elements mentioned above are lacking, DreambooksPro cannot be liable for any compensation or reimburse.