Show Your Work

A picture is worth more than 1000 words! The sentence is old but remains timeless. A picture is a better way to illustrate what we are saying, an example of our work to prove its value.

Besides the products you can create, you can also show them to your customers. Consequently, you have the possibility to captivate their attention more easily, because they will know exactly what they are going to receive.

Showcase Policy

1. All the products can be acquired for the Showcase. However, different discounts will be applied depending on the chosen product;

2. Here is the discount percentage:

50% Discount on the products below:

  • Covers
  • Photographic Paper Core
  • Photographic Paper Extra Sheets
  • Replica Albums
  • Coating additions
  • Additional services
  • Press Core

30% discount on products below:

  • Fineart Paper Core
  • Briefcases | Cases | Bags
  • Boxes
  • Replica Albums Boxes
  • Folio
  • Print Box
  • Flash Drives Box
  • DVD Cases
  • Guest Book

3. By applying the showcase discount, no other discount will be considered in the order;

4. The showcase product order should be done by Express and must be marked as "showcase". It's not possible to refer to a product as a "display order" after the order is processed and produced;

5. The showcase production adds up 2 days to the normal delivery time;

6. On all showcase orders there will be engraved the word "DEMO". Depending on the product features and sizes, the wording may vary in dimensions, position and customization.

7. Showcase orders are limited to a maximum of 3 products from each category per year. For exceptional orders, please contact the customer service.