Arno USB Box

The Arno USB Box is the perfect model of an improved storage box. It has an attractive and luxurious design, due to its full leather coating from the Italian region of Tuscany. Designed to complement the Tuscany collection and meet the most demanding tastes.
This is the perfect option for customers looking to store their USB's in a box that becomes a great decor item.
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Unbeatable Quality

Building Details

Exclusive materials


  • Tuscany

    Originally from Tuscany, this leather has an unmatched quality and durability, with a wax finish to preserve it and keep its quality over time. The exclusive texture with patterns in different tones makes this product even more unique. Italian leather is the right choice for people who want their product to look the same for many years ahead.

    • PT01 - Coffee

      PT01 - Coffee

    • PT02 - Cinnamon

      PT02 - Cinnamon

    • PT03 - Cream

      PT03 - Cream

    • PT04 - Graphite

      PT04 - Graphite

    • PT05 - Coal

      PT05 - Coal

    • PT06 - Green

      PT06 - Green

    • PT07 - Marine Blue

      PT07 - Marine Blue

Exclusive materials

Rim options


Rims are a detail that makes all the difference in their packaging. We have at your disposal a range of woods and colours to choose from.

A single product



A finishing that consists in applying a warm timbre against the coating. This is the perfect customisation to highlight small details and give the product a look of sophistication. You can decide to go for colourless stamping or add one of the many colours we have available.

Satin Ribbons

An option where is added a satin ribbon to the front and back cover that allows you to make a loop to close the album. An elegant detail that will give it a special touch.

For special occasions

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