Caribe Plus Print Box

Caribe Plus Print Box holds all the features of Caribe Print Box, having as a distinctive factor the option of coating the product with the highest quality materials such as velvet, linen or synthetic material with the look of horse leather.
This is the choice for customers who, although they value safety, do not allow any aspect to be above elegance and refinement.
The sustainability behind the products. Help us improve this product.
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Unbeatable quality

Building details

Range of choice



Classic option
  • (cm)
  • 10x15 - Single
  • 15x20 - Single
  • 20x25 - Single
  • 20x30 - Single
  • 25x38 - Single
  • 30x40 - Single
  • (inches)


Timeless design
  • (cm)
  • 20x20 - Single
  • 25x25 - Single
  • 30x30 - Single
  • (inches)


Panoramic Style
  • (cm)
  • 10x15 - Single Pen
  • 10x15 - Double + Pen
  • 15x10 - Single
  • 15x20 - Single + Pen
  • 20x15 - Single
  • 25x20 - Single
  • 30x20 - Single
  • 38x25 - Single
  • 40x30 - Single
  • (inches)

Distinctive styles


Exclusive materials


  • Horse Leather

    This synthetic leather coating stands out for its originality, since it has a texture and colours that resemble horse hair. It is perfect for nature lovers and all people who want to give a special and original touch to their album.

    • HL03 - Brown

      HL03 - Brown

    • HL02 - Grey

      HL02 - Grey

    • HL01 - Black

      HL01 - Black

  • Linen

    Made of natural and organic fibres, Linen is the most sustainable option among all coatings, from their planting to their colouring, being the right choice for the soft touch lovers. It has neutral and smooth colours. Due to the robustness of its fabric, it provides excellent resistance to the final product. Perfect for customers who value natural products.

    • L05 - Apple

      L05 - Apple

    • L01 - Aqua

      L01 - Aqua

    • L07 - Beige

      L07 - Beige

    • L08 - White

      L08 - White

    • L02 - Petal

      L02 - Petal

    • L04 - Pumpkin

      L04 - Pumpkin

    • L06 - Zink

      L06 - Zink

    • L03 - Sun

      L03 - Sun

  • Madera

    This is a synthetic leather coating, perfect for anyone looking for intense and diverse colours with rustic textures. Madera, besides its unique touch, has in itself the beauty of a plain wood texture pattern. Its several combinations and different colours add a particular singularity to the product.

    • M01 - Beige

      M01 - Beige

    • M02 - Brown

      M02 - Brown

    • M03 - Green

      M03 - Green

    • M04 - Blue

      M04 - Blue

    • M05 - Pink

      M05 - Pink

    • M06 - Lilac

      M06 - Lilac

    • M07 - Yellow

      M07 - Yellow

    • M08 - Electric Blue

      M08 - Electric Blue

    • M09 - Light Grey

      M09 - Light Grey

    • M10 - Dark grey

      M10 - Dark grey

  • Ornaments

    This synthetic coating is particularly special, mainly because of its outstanding texture, offered by the elegant floral print in high relief. The combinations of colours with a soft gloss result in a luxurious and sophisticated coating. It is perfect for someone looking for a decorative touch in any environment.

    • OR02 - Bronze

      OR02 - Bronze

    • OR01 - Black Silver

      OR01 - Black Silver

    • OR04 - Black

      OR04 - Black

    • OR03 - Brown

      OR03 - Brown

  • prada

    An exclusive coating with geometric textures. Prada has a distinctive shine and glamorous colours, such as silver and gold, giving your album an unmatched sophistication. This is the perfect combination for someone looking for style and elegance.

    • PR01 - Gold

      PR01 - Gold

    • PR02 - Silver

      PR02 - Silver

    • PR03 - Black

      PR03 - Black

  • Premium Velvet

    A coating made of thin and long overlapping fibres, supported by silk and polyester yarns. The thickness and softness is the main characteristic and when it is brushed, their colours change into different shades. The highlight of this coating goes whith a wide range of colours available, including the new Earth Tones. It gives an exquisite and elegant look to the most demanding projects.

    • VP01 - Yellow

      VP01 - Yellow

    • VP02 - Blue

      VP02 - Blue

    • VP11 - Baby Blue

      VP11 - Baby Blue

    • VP03 - Beige

      VP03 - Beige

    • VP12 - Cream

      VP12 - Cream

    • VP04 - Light Grey

      VP04 - Light Grey

    • VP05 - Dark grey

      VP05 - Dark grey

    • VP09 - Black

      VP09 - Black

    • VP10 - Baby Pink

      VP10 - Baby Pink

    • VP06 - Purple

      VP06 - Purple

    • VP07 - Olive Green

      VP07 - Olive Green

    • VP08 - Red

      VP08 - Red

    • VP15 - Earth Tones Copper

      VP15 - Earth Tones Copper

    • VP16 - Earth Tones Moss Green

      VP16 - Earth Tones Moss Green

    • VP17 - Earth Tones Niquel

      VP17 - Earth Tones Niquel

    • VP18 -  Earth Tones Terra

      VP18 - Earth Tones Terra

    • VP19 - Earth Tones Terracota

      VP19 - Earth Tones Terracota

    • VP20 - Earth Tones Tundra

      VP20 - Earth Tones Tundra

    • VP21 - Earth Tones Clay

      VP21 - Earth Tones Clay

  • Snake

    A polyvinyl coating that offers high durability and unique textures. Inspired by snake skin and with a relief touch, its  colours have a soft and metallic tone. It stands for a bold and elegant coating, with the purpose of making the difference.

    • SN01 - White

      SN01 - White

    • SN02 - Bronze

      SN02 - Bronze

    • SN03 - Gold

      SN03 - Gold

    • SN04 - Silver

      SN04 - Silver

  • Soft Touch

    The name says everything about this coating, its smooth surface has a soft touch and being produced with non-animal origin materials, its a more vegan coating option. With stunning colours, it provides a unique contrast to UV Varnish printing. Perfect finishings and the quality of the coating, combined with a modern style, make it the perfect option for someone looking to give innovation to their product.

    • ST01 - Black

      ST01 - Black

    • ST02 - White

      ST02 - White

    • ST03 - Blue

      ST03 - Blue

    • ST04 - Red

      ST04 - Red

  • Micro Leather

    Undoubtedly, this is the best alternative to real leather. Its astonishing similarity to genuine leather, gives this coating an incredibly smooth and pleasant touch. Being made of a resistant material, its durability is undeniable. It also offers a wide range of colours to choose from, such as the new metallic shades.

    • MO04 - Bordeaux

      MO04 - Bordeaux

    • MP02 - Mustard

      MP02 - Mustard

    • MP03 - Blue

      MP03 - Blue

    • MP05 - White

      MP05 - White

    • MP10 - Dark grey

      MP10 - Dark grey

    • MP09 - Black

      MP09 - Black

    • MP01 - Beige

      MP01 - Beige

    • MP07 - Brown

      MP07 - Brown

    • MP13 - Green

      MP13 - Green

    • MP14 - Metal Rose Gold

      MP14 - Metal Rose Gold

    • MP15 - Metal Gold

      MP15 - Metal Gold

    • MP16 - Metal Silver

      MP16 - Metal Silver

    • MP17 - Metal Grey

      MP17 - Metal Grey

    • MP11 - Graphite

      MP11 - Graphite

Exclusive materials

Rim options


Rims are a detail that makes all the difference in their packaging. We have at your disposal a range of woods and colours to choose from.

A single product



A finishing that consists in applying a warm timbre against the coating. This is the perfect customisation to highlight small details and give the product a look of sophistication. You can decide to go for colourless stamping or add one of the many colours we have available.

Satin Ribbons

An option where is added a satin ribbon to the front and back cover that allows you to make a loop to close the album. An elegant detail that will give it a special touch.

UV Printing

Through the combination of an ultraviolet light printing system and special inks, this is a process that guarantees high quality and durability to the personalisation. It is an eco-friendly process that allows you to choose from a wide range of colours.

To the smallest detail

Inner customisation

Box lining

The customisation of your packaging doesn't just finish on the cover, now you can also personalise the inside with a lining made with high quality materials.

For special occasions

Useful suggestions

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