Fly Photo Box

The Fly Photo Box uses the beauty of the photographs and illustrations made by the photographer to coat its exterior and the interior is formed by two symmetrical frames where the album fits perfectly. It allows a wide variety of customisations and its wooden rims complement in a phenomenal way the visual ideas passed by its exterior.
The ideal box to highlight ideas or moments through the power of photography.
Production Time From 8 Working days + Shipping Terms
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Unbeatable quality

Building details

Range of choice



Classic option
  • (cm)
  • 15x18
  • 15x22
  • 15x20
  • 20x25
  • 20x30
  • 25x30
  • 25x38
  • (inches)


Timeless design
  • (cm)
  • 15x15
  • 20x20
  • 25x25
  • 30x30
  • 35x35
  • (inches)


Panoramic Style
  • (cm)
  • 18x15
  • 20x15
  • 22x15
  • 25x20
  • 30x20
  • 30x25
  • 38x25
  • 40x30
  • 45x35
  • (inches)

Exclusive materials

Rim options


Rims are a detail that makes all the difference in their packaging. We have at your disposal a range of woods and colours to choose from.
White Lacquered
Black Lacquered

A single product


Normal Lamination

A thin lamination layer added after printing to help protect the photo.

Satin Ribbons

An option where is added a satin ribbon to the front and back cover that allows you to make a loop to close the album. An elegant detail that will give it a special touch.

Matte Lamination

A thin layer applied after printing which gives the product a matte finish, making it firmer and with a smoother touch. It is perfect for customers who prefer products with a matte look.

Gloss Lamination

A thin lamination layer added after the print, giving the photo a glossy finish to make it firmer and brighter. It is perfect for customers who like eye-catching products.

To the smallest detail

Inner customisation

Box lining

The customisation of your packaging doesn't just finish on the cover, now you can also personalise the inside with a lining made with high quality materials.

Photo printed inside

There are photos that deserve a spotlight, so we allow you to personalise the package inner with your favourite photo from the session.

For special occasions

Useful suggestions

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