Coral Case

The Coral Case is a result of an excellent finishing product, combined with a unique design. Perfect for small reports, this case is available in a wide range of colours, allowing it to be tailored to suit any theme from the album it carries.
This is the perfect case for people who are looking for safety and formality, not forgetting the simplicity of the product in its transport or as a decoration item.
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Unbeatable quality

Building details

Range of choice



Classic option
  • (cm)
  • 25x30
  • (inches)


Timeless design
  • (cm)
  • 30x30
  • (inches)


Panoramic Style
  • (cm)
  • 30x25
  • (inches)

Exclusive materials


Colours| Prestige
Developed using fine synthetic materials, the Colours coating stands out for its resistant and soft-touch structure. It offers the widest range of colours, from pastel tones to vibrant ones being an excellent alternative to leather.
Made up of polyurethane and other synthetic fibres, this is the classic choice for someone looking for a coating closer to the texture of real leather. It is a highly resistant fabric, easy to preserve. Vibrant and intense colours, are some of the options that the Prestige coating offers.

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