Square 15x15 30,0x15,0
    Vertical 22x15 44,0x15,0
    Square 20x20 40,0x20,0
    Square 25x25 50,0x25,0
    Vertical 25x30 50,0x30,0
    Horizontal 30x25 60,0x25,0
    Vertical 25x38 50,0x38,0
    Horizontal 38x25 76,0x25,0
    Square 30x30 60,0x30,0
    Vertical 30x40 60,0x40,0
    Horizontal 40x30 80,0x30,0
    Square 35x35 70,0x35,0
    Square 38x38 76,0x38,0
    Vertical 30x45 60,0x45,0
    Horizontal 45x30 90,0x30,0
    Vertical 35x45 70,0x45,0
    Horizontal 45x35 90,0x35,0


    Square 6x6 9,8x5,9
    Vertical 9x6 17,3x5,9
    Square 8x8 15,7x7,8
    Vertical 9x12 17,7x11,8
    Horizontal 12x9 24,0x9,0
    Square 10x10 19,6x9,8
    Vertical 10x12 19,6x11,8
    Horizontal 12x10 23,6x9,8
    Vertical 10x15 19,6x14,9
    Horizontal 15x10 29,9x9,8
    Square 12x12 24,0x12,0
    Vertical 12x16 23,6x15,7
    Horizontal 16x12 31,4x11,8
    Square 14x14 27,5x13,7
    Square 15x15 29,9x14,9
    Vertical 12x18 24,0x18,1
    Horizontal 18x12 35,4x11,8
    Vertical 14x18 27,9x18,1
    Horizontal 18x14 35,4x13,7

Paging Measurements

Before you start paging check the measurements for the selected format. All files should be created in exactly these measures, since they all include a safety margin of approximately 0.5 cm (0.2 in) all around the page. The templates available for download include tabs that mark this area.

Mask Download

On each product page, the templates (in. Psd) for paging the album's core as well as the masks for creating images for all customized accessories are available to download on the DOWNLOADS tab.

You can also download any template or mask here.

Paging / Editing

After downloading the templates or masks you should open them with Photoshop or any other image editing program and follow the instructions in the downloaded file with the template.

All files have guidelines delineating the area that can be cut (bleed). Accurate positioning of images is essential for the correct printing, avoiding unwanted margins or overcropped images.

Colour profile / Files

The Dreambookspro printing machines use the colour profile sRGB IEC1966 2.1, that must be embedded in the image file in Photoshop. The files must be created in RGB mode at 300 dpi's (templates available for download), and saved in JPG, with 12 quality.


Access the Express, select the products and their respective settings and upload your files. The platform for sending files is an entirely online device, with no need for downloading and installation. It is advisable that you use Google Chrome.