Family Book

The Family Book was designed especially for the follow-up sessions. Each of its 4 albums will eternalise an important moment in the life of a family. The pregnant session, the newborn session, the 6 months and the 1st birthday are some of our suggestions, but each photographer can personalise the albums with the moments that are most relevant to their clients.
Its acrylic case makes this product a decorative accessory that matches any surroundings and that will share the best moments in the life of a family.
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Family Book Collection

Unbeatable quality

Building details

Range of choice




Timeless design
  • (cm)
  • 20x20
  • (inches)

Exclusive materials


  • Buckram

    Buckram coating is made of stiff cotton, giving it a strong and durable texture. Being known for the durability of its fibres, Buckram is an authentic classic that lasts from generation to generation. It allows the choice of a wide range of colours, from its natural tones to the most vibrant ones.

    • B01 - Black

      B01 - Black

    • B02 - Dark grey

      B02 - Dark grey

    • B03 - Light Grey

      B03 - Light Grey

    • B04 - Brown

      B04 - Brown

    • B05 - Green

      B05 - Green

    • B06 - Beige

      B06 - Beige

    • B07 - Baby Blue

      B07 - Baby Blue

    • B08 - Baby Pink

      B08 - Baby Pink

    • B09 - Aqua Green

      B09 - Aqua Green

    • B10 - Yellow

      B10 - Yellow

    • B11 - Orange

      B11 - Orange

    • B12 - Turquoise Blue

      B12 - Turquoise Blue

    • B13 - Red

      B13 - Red

    • B14 - White

      B14 - White

    • B15 - Ivory

      B15 - Ivory

    • B16 - Santorini Blue

      B16 - Santorini Blue

    • B17 - Pearl Grey

      B17 - Pearl Grey

    • B18 - Raspberry Cream

      B18 - Raspberry Cream

    • B19 - Meadow

      B19 - Meadow

    • B20 - Navy Blue

      B20 - Navy Blue

    • B21 - Lavender

      B21 - Lavender

    • B22 - Lemon

      B22 - Lemon

  • Natural Buckram

    The main characteristic of Natural Buckram is the natural cotton twisted with wires in different tones, among dark and lighter wires, offering a thick and resistant texture. Natural Buckram brings a unique handcrafted look to your product without losing its elegance.

    • BN02 - Brown

      BN02 - Brown

    • BN01 - Black

      BN01 - Black

    • BN03 - Pure

      BN03 - Pure

A single product



A finishing that consists in applying a warm timbre against the coating. This is the perfect customisation to highlight small details and give the product a look of sophistication. You can decide to go for colourless stamping or add one of the many colours we have available.

UV Printing

Through the combination of an ultraviolet light printing system and special inks, this is a process that guarantees high quality and durability to the personalisation. It is an eco-friendly process that allows you to choose from a wide range of colours.

Art of printing

Paper Types

  • Photographic Paper

    A very high quality paper certified by Fujifilm and made especially for professional printing.

    Fuji DPII photographic paper is distinguished by its sharpness when printed, its thick base and high stiffness , through the photographic printing technique the paper is exposed to light and developed with the help of photographic chemicals. A paper that enhances the value of each photo, gives the product a unique character preserving colours for long periods of time.

    This paper is available in a wide selection of finishes from matte to extra glossy options. For its diversity and high quality, this paper is one of the most chosen by photographers around the world.


This is a thicker grammage that gives the album a stronger look. It can be chosen for Photographic and FineArt paper albums and allows you to choose from 12 to 44 spreads and is the most popular option for professional photographers.

Difference in detail

Core customisations

Matte Protection

A thin layer of varnish added after printing, which provides a matt finish to the core, making it firm and soft to the touch. It is perfect for customers who want to give their album a matte touch.

Album Fragrances

Surprise your customers by adding a fragrance to their album. You can choose between lavender or mustela scent to be used on the lustre paper cores. 


The Gilding customization is crafted by expert artisans and allows to cover the edges of the album with a golden or silver foil. It was developed for the most demanding customers and who want a completely exclusive solution.

Tracing paper sheet

Add value to your album with an elegant sheet of translucent tracing paper, which can be personalised with one print. Identify on it the main characters or who will tell the story in the following pages.

Gloss Lamination

A thin layer of varnish added after the printing that gives the core a glossy finish, making it firmer and brighter. It is perfect for customers who like to give a more attractive Layout.

For special occasions

Useful suggestions


About - Family Book Collection

The Family Book was designed especially for follow-up sessions so that each important stage of every family is recorded forever. With a unique and detailed design, the Family Book will be a great accessory that fits in with any decor. At DreambooksPro each cover is manufactured individually using a handmade process and crafted by skilled artisans, adding style and detail to the cover.
An industrial printing process is used to print the core, which guarantees an outstanding colour and image quality, only possible thanks to the most advanced technology in the professional printing market. Combining high print quality with a wide range of customisations, we have combined the ingredients for guaranteed satisfaction.
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