About the paper

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FSC certification and waste reduction

The paper used to produce DreambooksPro products has an FSC certificate that guarantees a responsible and sustainable management of forests in the creation of this paper. In addition, we use advanced printing techniques using high tech equipment, which are at the forefront of printing, allowing us to reduce paper waste to a minimum, so that only what is strictly necessary is used.

Chemical treatment and water filtration system

The chemistry used in the printing process is treated by a specialised and certified company for this purpose, so that the impact of the chemicals on the environment is as small as possible, ensuring a water filtration system that can extract the silver shown in the chemistry at 99% efficiency.

Wind Energy

The paper used in our albums is mostly supplied by Fujifilm, which since 2011 has been making a major investment in wind turbines. This investment has dramatically reduced its impact on the environment, the wind turbines have produced over 10 years about 200 million kWh, today 100% of its energy needs come from this type of energy.
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About the coatings

Eco-friendly raw materials

Most of the coatings used in Dreambookspro products come from a sustainable and more environmentally friendly production process. We guarantee that the products are of high quality but we also take into account that the origin of the raw materials is obtained from a non-polluting production and with concern to preserve the resources and the environment.
We have a wide range of vegan coatings that are based on the premise of not using materials of animal origin, and a concern to use eco-friendly and organic fabrics that have a minimal impact on the environment.
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About the wood

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FSC Certificate

Wood is the raw material for many of the products we produce and for this reason we look for high-quality wood of sustainable origin, which is produced through an ecologically responsible process and certified by FSC, which guarantees that the manufacturing process is the result of a responsible and socially fair ecological management.
This certificate is not only a guarantee of the quality and origin of the wood but also of the actions taken to protect the environment in its consumption.

About plastic and cardboard

Recycling and reducing the use of plastic

One of our main concerns is to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging as much as possible, without ever, of course, neglecting the safety and care of your products. In the little plastic we still use, we are concerned that it be from reusable and recyclable sources, and we recommend that after receiving the order the recycling cycle continues.
We have reduced the use of plastic by 99% and only use recycled plastic, and we transition all our packaging to recycled cardboard
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Our partners

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We strengthen partnerships daily with national and European suppliers, who ensure the quality of the raw materials used in our products, supporting economic development and reducing environmental impact.
By establishing these trusted partnerships, we are also promoting their economic growth, resilience, production capacity, and, consequently, the differentiation of the products we produce.
Be a part of a sustainable future!
Your opinion is important to us, here you can leave your suggestions on other sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives you would like to see implemented!
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