Wood Clear Combo Box

The Wood Clear Combo Box is the result of the harmony that comes from storing our memories. In addition to its rustic finish and the light and dark tones of the wood, this Combo Box stands out for its acrylic lid that allows you to see the contents of the box.
It is the right choice for people who do not want to keep their memories secret and won't hesitate to use it as a decorative element.
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Unbeatable quality

Building details

Range of choice



Timeless design
  • (cm)
  • 20x20 + Pen
  • 25x25 + Pen
  • 30x30 - Single + Pen
  • (inches)


Panoramic Style
  • (cm)
  • 30x25 - Single + Pen
  • 38x25 -Double + Pen
  • 40x30 -Double + Pen
  • (inches)

Distinctive styles


With a natural look, the wood that we use in our products can be coloured with a huge number of colours.

Natural and personalised

Wood Colouring


A single product


Acrylic Application

A finish that allows the application of an acrylic over the photo, it will give the product a three-dimensional personalisation and give great highlight to the photo.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving allows a unique personalisation and adds a contrast on the material where it is engraved. The precision of this finish allows unlimited variety of customisations.

UV Printing

Through the combination of an ultraviolet light printing system and special inks, this is a process that guarantees high quality and durability to the personalisation. It is an eco-friendly process that allows you to choose from a wide range of colours.

Wood Colouring

With a natural look, the wood used in our products can take on a wide variety of colours.

To the smallest detail

Inner customisation

Laser engraving

Details make the difference and for that reaason you can choose to add an additional detail by laser engraving the inner of your package. This provides a perfect customization and adds a contrast with the material where it is engraved.

For special occasions

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