Bruno Rosa

From a young age Bruno was fascinated by photography, the way a moment in time full of emotion could be captured in a split second and yet recorded for lifetime. His total professionalism balanced with his relaxed demeanour has put even the most nervous bride and bridegroom at complete ease throughout their wedding day.

It has been commented by couples when perusing through their wedding photographs that they weren’t even aware a lot of the pictures were being taken. This ability to blend in to the background allows the natural joy and happiness to pour through the wedding photographs he takes. This is a large part of his continued success and the reason his clients and his peers via his stream of awards regard him as the best wedding photographer in Ireland.

"I love life and the lessons that I live daily… A simple gesture, facial expression or word can make a difference when it comes to my art. My Love for weddings is bold and simple; I want to tell your wedding story through compelling images that will blow your mind. I believe that wedding photography doesn’t have to be safe and boring. I don’t want to just give you photos, I want to give you works of art that transcend wedding photography, that communicate the essence of who you are, that tell stories beyond what you see, and that move complete strangers to stop and stare. And I work my butts off, pouring my heart and soul into each and every wedding that I shoot, to do so!"

Company Testimony

I'm so glad to be partnering with DreamBooksPro, it is with no doubt the best Album company I've ever used. The quality of the products are incredible and the customer service is unbelievable, they are always there for you, not mentioning the fast delivery time which is extremely important and now my couples are waiting even less ;) I highly recommend DreamBooksPro!

Product Testimony

My favourite albums are the White, Lux Linen and Contemporary with Caribe box. My couples are blowing always with the albums and I always receive a great feedback about the quality.