Anna Quast & Ricky Arruda [BR]

Anna Quast and Ricky Alvarez are holders of one of the most prestigious wedding photography studios of São Paulo’s state and have distinguished themselves not only by their photo and the level of care and excellence, but also on the photo itself in the preparation of their albums and deliver, as well as the successful management in your business.

Beside the wedding photography, make several essays, portraits and editorials, and also engage in a more artistic side of photography "fineart", sold in galleries. Both are also professors and lecturers. Although based in São Paulo, photographing many weddings throughout Brazil and also worldwide.

Anna and Ricky are married in life and job and like every couple,are the differences that make it even more fall in love for each other.

Ricky Alvarez has the look of an artist and wrote his history in photography from the fineart way. A style that made him a teacher, lecturer, took his work to galleries and some of America's largest photography festivals and attracted looks from big names in the subject. As he wrote Walter Firmo: "Ricky offers us exciting images that move us and cause us pleasant emotions and sensations. Images full of feelings and a lot of times, pure poetry, transformed into the most beautiful visuals.

Anna already mastered the technique as few and if there is one word that fits well when it comes to marriage is fidelity to principles. Perfect timing, looking sharp but friendly, she photographed families, weddings and events for many years. These special occasions, you must be in the right place at the right time, and that his journalistic side makes her not miss any whisper. It was these qualities that turned quickly into a successful career, consolidated, recognized and awarded on a decade of work, courses, workshops and conferences.


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