The best personalisations for your album covers

15th May 2024

Choosing the personalisation of the album is a crucial moment for any photographer, as this is when you can turn your images into tangible works of art.

It is time to consider not only the visual aesthetics, but also the experience that the album will give your customers. 

Every detail, from the cover to the personalisation technique chosen, contributes to the visual narrative and the perceived quality of the album.

You must ensure that the personalisation of the albums meets your clients' expectations and, most importantly, that it tells a story in a unique and exciting way.

So we'll help you decide what best suits your style with six personalisations that will make your album stand out.

1. Laser engraving

One of the personalisations you can add to your album and make it beautiful is laser engraving.

Laser engraving is used to make your product unique. It is the process by which the surface of the material is burnt, thus creating a permanent and personalised design.

You'll surprise your client with a permanent personalisation that creates a contrast with the material on which it is engraved. It combines elegance, minimalism and irreverence.

2. Metal Plaque

The second customisation you can opt for is the metal Plaque.

This personalisation consists of a bold finish for your album by adding a silver or gold metal plaque to the cover of the product. This approach gives the album a touch of elegance and sophistication, transforming it into a unique piece that will be remembered for years to come.

You can offer this option to your customers as a way of further enhancing the experience of preserving special memories.

3. UV Printing

One of the personalisations most used by photographers is UV printing, which consists of an ultraviolet light printing system and special inks that guarantee bright, intense colours without distortion, increasing the quality and durability of your product's personalisation.

You can create an album cover with striking details, vibrant colours and varied textures with this customisation.

This technique allows photographers and their clients to express their creativity by adding elements such as patterns, personalised text and even photographs directly onto the album cover.

In addition, UV printing provides extra protection against scratches and wear, ensuring that your album's personalisation remains intact over time.

4. UV varnish printing

UV varnish printing is an excellent option for personalising your album, offering an elegant and long-lasting finish.

This customisation consists of a finish in which a layer of thickened varnish is applied to a certain area, allowing for high-level customisation and giving a premium, bold finish.

With this technique, you can add emphasis and depth to your album covers by highlighting specific elements such as text and design.

It's an excellent choice for highlighting important details or for adding a luxurious finishing touch to your photographic masterpiece.

5. Acrylic Edge

Another customisation you can add to your album is the Acrylic Edge customisation. It allows you to add a rounded finish to the acrylic.

The curvature in the acrylic provides an almost three-dimensional view and gives the album a premium, bold finish. In addition, the acrylic offers durability and resistance, protecting the pages of the album with a touch of luxury. This personalisation option is ideal for clients looking for a sophisticated and unique presentation for their photographic memories.

A charming and distinctive option, where you'll highlight any coating and make your product unique.

6. Hot Stamping

Finally, another personalisation you can opt for is Hot Stamping. 

This is a finish that consists of pressing a hot stamp against the coating. This personalisation will delight your customers and will highlight small details and give your product a sophisticated effect.

With this technique, you can add shiny metallic details such as gold or silver directly to your album cover. This will create an impressive visual effect and dazzle your customer.

These are the six personalisations you can offer your customers. Start enhancing your work with these details in your next orders and get ready to leave your customer totally surprised.


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