How to promote your Christmas sessions 

5 October 2022

Now that you have put your Christmas scenario together and your schedule is open, it's time to attract customers. Here are a few suggestions to help you advertise your Christmas sessions and consequently fill all the vacancies you opened.

1. Share moments of your daily life on social networks

Posting some moments of your work is one of the best ways to promote it. You can publish some stories of the Christmas set up, revealing some details of it, suggesting that everything is already getting ready for Christmas. You can also post photos from previous years' sessions, so they see what they can count on. The goal is to create desire in your followers and make them contact you for more information.

2. Keep your portfolio updated and appealing

It is very important that you have a Christmas session portfolio available for consultation on your website. Invest some time selecting the ones that you consider to be the best photos from your Christmas sessions for your clients and potential clients to see. Remember that you'll be winning clients over with your emotion and there's nothing better than for them to see your best Christmas work.

3. Keep in touch with your most loyal clients

Make space in your calendar for your clients that will certainly want to do the session with you, so anticipate and get in touch with them suggesting a date and time for the session. This way you won't have last minute bookings and you'll remind your most distracted clients that they need to do their Christmas session.

4. Contact inactive clients

Dedicate some time to prepare a communication for inactive clients (those who for some reason have not had sessions with you for a while). One of the most effective strategies to get these clients to return to your sessions is to create a special offer or discount for them.

5. Create urgency

"Last spots available", "Last chance to book the session" are just some of the examples of what you can post in stories, accompanied, for example, by images of your Christmas sessions, the new set, or even the sessions you are already running, to create urgency in your clients and help them make an immediate decision to book their Christmas session with you.

6. Promote your Christmas showcase products 

One of the most important strategies to help you advertise and close your Christmas sessions is to have an up-to-date Christmas display. Select the products that make the most sense to you and carefully display them to your customers. Remember that what will make them buy will be the way you present them and how they are arranged in your studio. Offering Christmas products to your customers is also a great way to increase the average ticket of your sales.

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