Duda & Dudu's story through Rodrigo Zini's lens

25 august 2022

Our blog is more than a place to find inspiration! It's a space where you can share the best love stories.

Today, the day has come for us to tell the story of Duda & Dudu through the lens of Rodrigo Zini.

A very intense story

Duda and Dudu planned their wedding with a lot of work, dedication and sacrifice. All the details they dreamed about and idealised  were about to come true when, a few days before the big day, they were kidnapped.

With a terrible experience and the possibility of death, without all their material possessions and a trauma plaguing them, they followed the idea of some friends and made an online "pool" to recover some of their lost possessions.

A little treasure of memories

It wasn't just the affection of the contributing strangers that helped them. After deciding to sacrifice their wedding album, the couple was surprised by Rodrigo Zini and our company.

The video we share accompanies the moment of the album delivery that they had no idea they were going to receive.

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