Photography tips: Why showcases can help you be more profitable?

27 july 2022

Showcase is the ideal tool to increase sales and show your client how important it is to print and remember memories. The best way to be able to tell a story is to combine the dedication and quality work of a professional photographer with products that can enhance the details and feelings of the story being told.

Albums, as well as packaging and accessories enhance and fill the eyes of clients, adding value to the work of any photographer. Through the showcase, the clients can materialise the various possibilities that you can offer them and, generally, they are much more willing to invest.

It is no good just talking about the products you have and asking the client to imagine how the album would look like. You need to show your client the album because this interaction with the product generates desire and increases the possibility of selling.

By buying your showcase, you will make a difference in meetings with your clients and surprise them with more complete, unique and up-to-date solutions.

So, the showcase is a great way to make a great first impression. You can show your customers the endless combinations of products you have available.

Pay attention to the four major advantages of showcasing:

  1. It is the face of your business: The display is a reflection of your business, so it is very important to make a good first impression. You should choose high standard products that will reflect your photos.

  2. New is always best: Maintain your showcase impeccable, replace them whenever they are worn out or have outdated photos. The presentation will optimise your sales.

  3. Personalised choices: Create your showcase already adapted to your client's taste. Highlight the most loved colours, coatings and personalisations.

  4. Sales engine: Show the endless combinations you can achieve with your albums and DreambooksPro packaging and accessories. Present more complete solutions and increase your average ticket sales.

Discover our best suggestions to complete your showcase and surprise in every meeting.

Don't forget!
Your showcase is one of the most important commercial tools. Let your customers see, touch and feel the excellence of your products and make your business more profitable.


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