Daniel Ribeiro: The importance of loving what we photograph

9 march 2022

Choosing to do what we love requires a lot of self-knowledge. It is essential to know ourselves and respect our true essence in order to understand what motivates us and what can lead us to leave a legacy in the world.

This is a very interesting perception of life and it applies to everything around us: people, hobbies, work...

They say that in order to be a doctor you need to have a gift, an incredible desire to help others. More than that, I think it's necessary to have love for what we want to do. All professions require different characteristics and these come with work, with the will to do and be more.

In my case, and with photography, the most important was passion, the will of wanting to leave a mark on the world and to help my customers to eternalise moments that could pass from generation to generation.

My Story

The contact with the world of photography came very early in my life. At the age of 15 I started working in a Lab, printing photographs, and that's where I fell in love with the area.

My photographic style appeared in a very natural way. I defined my own style and felt the need to show it to my clients so that they would have the same vibe as I do and accept my challenges, my vision, my interpretation of their stories.

My philosophy

When we are looking for a professional, a partner or a friend to actively participate in a certain area of our life, we are looking for someone who will identify with us. Someone who will do their best, who fits in with our values and who, obviously, masters and is familiar with the subject. That same philosophy applies when looking for a photographer. Whether it's to photograph a wedding, a family session, a pregnancy, a newborn, or even, a product, we look for a professional whose style is notable in their art.

This is a bit of my ideology! I believe that we are better professionals when we choose to photograph what we really like and believe in. Today, whether in photography or in any other professional challenge, I feel that what matters is to be happy, to be fulfilled and to love, above all, the work we give back to the world!

My message

If there's one thing I'd like to reinforce with this article, it's this: If you're happy shooting maternity sessions, if a baby's smile is what your lens loves most or if what fulfills you most is photographing wedding getaways, focus! There's no problem with just spending your time doing what makes sense for you.

Often (more than we should) we forget the most important thing: the people we are photographing and the connection we have to create with them. Being connected with your clients and having the energy and motivation when photographing (which arises, from the fulfillment we feel when photographing what we really enjoy), will allow you to sell your business much better and, above all, make you a much more fulfilled professional and human being.


Daniel Ribeiro
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