Carles Figuerola [ES]

Bodas CF is a FineArt bridal photography studio located in Barcelona (Spain), led by Carles Figuerola who has a vast experience of almost two decades in an area that is massively progressing both technologically and in terms of creative tendencies. In these two areas, the goal is to always be in the vanguard.

Professionalism, creativity, personalized attention, timelessness and composition elegance are the main characteristics of our work. Artistic photos in which the affection and dedication with which they are taken is imprinted on the final result as a label of the author's identity.

Produced with the the market's best technological equipment and in medium formats, our images have the best quality. Although we are in the digital era, we value the finishing of our work in a special way. That's why we are a studio specialized in Fine Art prints and we are fortunate to have the help of the best Fine Art printing and Binding laboratory.

The result is a careful photograph in which we've paid attention to the smallest detail from the moment it is taken, to its edition, retouching, printing and final finishing for delivery to our customers.

Company Testimony

In broad of the digital and industrialization era, we pay a great importance to the personalized finishing of our work. We believe that our brand is as good as our products and the service we offer. That is why we give so much importance to the finishing of our products. With Dreambookspro we are able to exceed all our expectations regarding the final finishing of our products and we have the confidence to have the best supplier of FineArt albums and prints.

Product Testimony

Our "golden" product is the Contemporary collection with micro leather and FineArt paper printing. We know that we are in a very saturated market and not to stand out is the same as being invisible. That is why we invest in high quality and unforgettable products and finishing and we are convinced that the FineArt finishing has all the characteristics necessary to highlight and enhance our brand's assessment.