Filipe Santos is a photographer who intends to bring a different and innovative way to register the wedding ceremonies. In his words, in his photos "... there areolder streets, grooms withsunglasses, a transparent veil in the Eiffel Tower, markets, museums, palaces, disorganised bedrooms, make-up, forests, pools. There are emotions that pass through the lens. Details and intense passions ... "For the artist, wedding photography is an important art.

As noted by the fact that the photographer won several awards (among them: with a photograph of a princess bride walking in the woods and the other with a photograph of an underwater kiss), four honourable mentions in the World Wedding Photo, among other distinctions. According to Filipe Santos, "... What is needed is creativity and to know who is on the other side of the lens ...”.His work not only occurs on the wedding day, but also for different scenarios the photographer himself demands, such as the gothic market in London, the Louvre (Paris), and winding Venetian canals, always seeking the less obvious.

According to him, "... photographing weddings is no longer what it was. Emotions and personalities are, basically, the raw materials that interest me and what I try to capture in the previous meetings. I try to know them, to understand who they are ... ". Each story is unique, because every couple has a UNIQUE and DIFFERENT story. Therefore, every album is also unique. In his words, "... it gives me more pleasurephotographing people in real settings than by creating situations in a studio ...". The first marriage performed by Filipe Santos was the result of a chance encounter with a client who enjoyed his work in the restaurant when photographing, this led to him being invited to photographhis wedding.

This made him buy a second-hand camera,his precious Nikon D70, which he still keeps as a reminder of the initial difficulties. Having completed his studies at the Professional School Infante, in Vila Nova de Gaia, he started his activity, having opened its store on the Main Street of Lourosa, dedicated to the photographic coverage of events such as weddings, baptisms and communions. Business growth led him to move to a larger space which allowed the admission of more employees. Never stopping, Filipe Santos has his heart and soul dedicated to his passion for photography.

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