Franu Rey

My name is Fran, I'm from Jerez de la Frontera but I live in Línea de La Concepción, which is where I have my studio. I am married to Susana, she is my assistant and the main reason for being a photographer. I am the father of two children, Pablo with 12 years and Alba with 8, they are my inspiration and the reason I struggle more and more every day.

I never thought of being a photographer, it was a coincidence, my wife offered me a camera and I started taking family photography. Anne Geddes was my inspiration ... My first session was in 2013 in my living room and I worked there for two years. I had one session per month and it was very difficult to evolve because I shared my time with another job. Step by step I was able to introduce myself in this world that I fall in love and for that reason, I left my 9 years work as a gardener. Making this decision was not easy since my wife was unemployed but I had to fight for my dream, trust me and launch me ... with the support of my wife, family, and friends I made the decision and in 2015 I opened my first studio.

I am totally self-taught, very demanding in my work besides being a perfectionist, I still look for my best photograph. I worked 100% as a Newborn professional photographer, about four and a half years ago when I opened my studio.

I love Newborn photography and babies, this makes me enjoy more and more with my work, every session I live to the maximum and learn from each of the little ones that visit me.

Nowadays, besides working in my studio, I dedicate myself to give training at national and international level. Thanks to photography I was able to travel all over Spain, I also traveled to Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Sweden, and Belgium. I shared knowledge in lectures in different countries and I hope to continue to do so in order to show how I understand this type of photography.

Company Testimony

I have always looked for a product that identifies my style and my work. I like to feel comfortable showing it to my client and to see harmony, not only two works that are done each one by his side. When I met Dreambookspro, I realized that their products have the elegance in order to my photographs transmit those sensations that I was looking for, because everything adds up. In addition to being a responsible company that takes care of its customers, meets its deadlines and if there are any unforeseen they do everything possible so that the products arrive on time.

Product Testimony

In fact, I love many of the products that have Dreambookspro but the ones that fit most with my style are the Luxe Linen and the White Collection, creating a very vintage texture in the Buckram Natural material and of course the Kids Collection. Each one makes my photographs stand out much more and give elegance, simplicity, and delicacy. Each time I deliver my work, I am proud of the great memory I am giving them.