Nelson Marques, a Portuguese/Swiss photographer, manifested an interest in photography at an early age. With an unusual innate aesthetic sense, as a teenager, he presented his first exhibition at the "Maison du Cartier des Eaux-Vives" in Geneva.

After Completing his academic training, he began his career as an assistant to few foreign photographers and as a freelance photographer performing various assignments for catalogues, promotional and advertising campaigns, publications in books and magazines. Concerned with his constant evolution, he participated in and attended numerous photography workshops throughout Europe.

In 1998, he had the opportunity to exhibit at "FIL" Expo'98 (The rural world) and founded the company "NMDOIS photographic studios." In the social photography field, Nelson Marques is frequently invited as a speaker at workshops and presentations in Portugal and Spain organized by associations as AFPAL in 2003, Konica-Minolta in 2004, Matfoto Distribution SL in 2006, the Photographic Center FEBRU in 2007, etc., being recognized for his innovative nature of unique and interactive eloquence.

In 2008, Nelson Marques decided to sell his company and return to Switzerland, thus recovering the freedom that he considers inherent to a photographers nature. Since then, he has assumed wedding photography in conjunction with fashion and portrait work developing his work in various countries.

Nelson Marques follows his instinct simply and quickly, as he soon yielded to the passion for photography. His final work results from careful and mostly intuitive observation.