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Showcase Discounts

Showcase Discounts
50% Discount
- All covers;
- Photographic paper core;
- Press paper core;
- Photographic paper extra sheets;
- Replica albums;
- Second albums;
- Additional coating;
- Covers personalisation;
- Replica albums boxes;
30% Discount
- FineArt paper core;
- Packaging category;
- Folios;


Specific Features

Product identification:

All sample products are marked next to the brand name with the word "DEMO" (printed or engraved) . According to the product's characteristics and dimensions, this may vary in its size, location and personalisation. The identifications on the products chosen as samples are carefully placed inside and/or outside the product, always respecting the work of each photographer.

Limit of Showcase Packs:

Each customer can order a maximum of 3 sample packs per year. This limit is set to ensure that all customers are able to enjoy showcase products on an equal basis. For exceptional cases you may contact the Customer Service Department, where it will be analysed case by case.
Specific Features

Want to learn how to make a

showcase order?

Step 1:
Go to the Express software and choose your favourite products
Step 2:
Add your products to the shopping cart
Step 3:
Select the "Showcase Order" option (below the price)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy all products at a showcase discount?
Yes. All products can be purchased for showcase. However, different discount percentages will apply depending on the product.
Does my discount accrue with the Showcase discount?
No. When applying the showcase discount you will not get any commercial discount or Pack/Kit discount, only the display discount will apply; How to Order a Display?
Can I request the discount, after I finish my order?
No. The display discount is only applied when the purchase is made. It is not possible to refer to a product as a display after the order has been processed and produced.
What is the production time for showcase orders?
The showcase order has a production period of 8 to 15 working days.
How are showcase products identified?
Showcase products are identified discreetly inside or outside, always with the care and precaution of respecting the art of each customer.
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