Yves Schepers

A former engineer, Yves Schepers is considered one of the rising stars in the international wedding photography scene. Shooting weddings only since 2014 he has already built a noteworthy portfolio consisting of both strong, graphical creative portraits and authentic storytelling images.

In search of the perfection in the imperfection, he captures sincere moments of genuine connection and reveals the raw, intense, funny and even fragile feelings that will colour his couple's future memories. Through his work he seeks to reveal their unique personality and document the essence of their life and love unfolding naturally through compelling photographs that stand the test of time.

His work is recognized around the globe and has won numerous international awards with highlights being named Best Photographer of 2017 by Masters of Wedding Photography Benelux and Top 10 of Photographers in 2017 by Fearless Photographer.

Company Testimony

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Product Testimony

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